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Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • What is the cost of my ultrasound?
    If you select the book now button you will be able to view the cost of your ultrasound on our booking page as well as all available appointments. You can also give our friendly reception a call and they can answer any billing questions for you
  • What is a diagnostic ultrasound?
    Diagnostic ultrasound uses non-ionizing radiation to help your doctor or other health professional diagnose a disease or condition. Your ultrasound is performed by an experienced, accredited Sonographer who then forwards your ultrasound images to our Radiologist who will prepare a report to send back to your referring practitioner who then informs you of the results.
  • How long until my referring doctor receives the results?
    We pride ourselves on a 24 hour report turn around. Therefore your results should be back with your doctor the day after your ultrasound. If urgent your results could be available as soon as 1 hour after your exam
  • Do I need a doctors referral for a diagnostic ultrasound?
    Yes. You need a referral for all diagnostic ultrasounds as your doctor will then receive a report back detailing the findings of your ultrasound. You do not require a referral for our 3D/4D packages as these are non-diagnostic and for entertainment purposes only.
  • Preparation
    Diagnostic ultrasound examinations often require specific preparation requirements. Our lovely reception staff will provide you with the required instructions for your ultrasound, however, outlined below is a summary of these if needed. Abdomen/Abdomen Doppler/Renal Arteries: Do not eat, smoke or chew gum for 6 hours before your appointment. Booking these exams early in the morning if possible is recommended. Small sips of water for hydration or taking medication is ok. Pelvis/Renal/1st Trimester: 90 minutes prior to the appointment, empty your bladder, then drink 1 litre of water, finishing this 1 hour before your exam and holding it. A FULL bladder is required. 2nd Trimester pregnancy: As above. Please note however, you may empty up to 30 minutes prior to your ultrasound. 3rd Trimester pregnancy: Drink 500ml, 1 hour prior to your exam, empty as required.
  • What happens if I can't make an appointment?
    As a courtesy we ask that you reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours prior to the time, this allows other clients to book in. If you miss your appointment, you will have to rebook your appointment with reception.
  • Best time for 3D ultrasound
    Between 28-32 weeks is the best time to see your babies face clearly. Gender determination scans can be performed as early as 16 weeks (please note that 100% guarantee of gender is not always possible)
  • Accepted payments
    Methods of payment include cash, debit/credit card. Some medicare rebates may be available depending on the type of diagnostic scan performed. NOTE: 3D/4D ultrasound is not covered by medicare therefore please be aware that no rebate for your appointment is available
  • How many people can come?
    Up to four people may join you for your 3D or pregnancy appointment this includes children. Unless you need physical assistance, are under 18 years of age or require an interpreter we prefer to only have the patient in the room for all other diagnostic scans as this helps to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality Please note this may change if restrictions due to Covid are revised.
  • Is ultrasound safe for my baby?
    Ultrasound during pregnancy has been used by the medical community for over 60 years and is recommended by medical practitioner’s to monitor babies growth and wellbeing throughout its gestation. Ultrasound has no known harmful effects and for further information on the recommendation of the use of ultrasound by RANZCOG (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) please visit assessment-of-fetal-structural-conditions
  • Deposit
    We ask that you pay a 25% deposit to secure your appointment time. This ensures that “no shows” do not limit the booking times of other clients.
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